Sunday, January 18, 2009


What a peaceful and wonderful weekend I had. It is always great to do nothing at all ;-)
Seriously, that is what I have done. Absolutely nothing.

Last week was the start of Spring Semester. It went as well as school can go, I guess. Most days consist of going to work at 8:30, heading to school around 11:00, and then back to work after classes are over--The life of a working, college student gets old really fast. Many of you can agree, I'm sure. Luckily, I have been blessed with some great friends from school who will help me keep my sanity. My classes this semester are Management 452- Policy Formulation and Administration, Acct 413- Accounting Information Systems, DSCI 445 - Operations Management, and Acct 401 - Advanced Accounting. Very thankful for those gals at school to help my keep my sanity ;-)

This weekend----Yes, ABSOLUTELY nothing. You probably think I'm joking, but I'm not. I haven't left the house. Feels fantastic..... Yesterday......I watched t.v. most of the day. I did cook some terrific tasting taco soup last night and also brewed some tea. It's best I learn to cook, if I ever plan on living on my own. Played several games of scrabble....nothing unusual.
Again today I watched t.v. most of the day. Lifetime has some really fantastic movies on during the weekend. Watched a little bit of the football game, but not much. Watched a little bit of the gymnastics/skating performance that was on. Thought it was actually kinda boring, which is very unusual for me to think gymnastics is boring. I did do several loads of laundry. Usually when I do laundry I have 5 or 6 loads to wash, but only had 3 today. Very nice........ I did actually shower today......that's always a plus ;-)

Tonight I got in the Hot Tub....which was AMAZING. It is always nice to get in the hot tub, but tonight for the first time ever it started SNOWING while I was in. It actually felt really good.

I don't have too much planned for this week. No classes tomorrow - Martin Luther King Jr. Day.. yahhh!! So work and bowling tomorrow!! Going to the University of Evansville basketball game with the co-workers on Tuesday. Other than that, just school and work.

I hope ya'll were able to enjoy/relax this weekend just as I did. If not, I hope your not too jealous ;-)

Has anyone seen the Bud Light commercial with the trampoline? Just now watched it. Must say that it is kinda funny --made me chuckle!


Love always,

P.S. ------NOT HAVING A BATHROOM IS HORRIBLE!!! Can't wait for the remodeling to be finished!

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  1. I love the lifetime movies too, when I get a chance to watch one:) Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend - and I'm sure you deserved it:) I'm keeping you in my prayers...have a wonderful week, Casie!!