Sunday, January 18, 2009


What a peaceful and wonderful weekend I had. It is always great to do nothing at all ;-)
Seriously, that is what I have done. Absolutely nothing.

Last week was the start of Spring Semester. It went as well as school can go, I guess. Most days consist of going to work at 8:30, heading to school around 11:00, and then back to work after classes are over--The life of a working, college student gets old really fast. Many of you can agree, I'm sure. Luckily, I have been blessed with some great friends from school who will help me keep my sanity. My classes this semester are Management 452- Policy Formulation and Administration, Acct 413- Accounting Information Systems, DSCI 445 - Operations Management, and Acct 401 - Advanced Accounting. Very thankful for those gals at school to help my keep my sanity ;-)

This weekend----Yes, ABSOLUTELY nothing. You probably think I'm joking, but I'm not. I haven't left the house. Feels fantastic..... Yesterday......I watched t.v. most of the day. I did cook some terrific tasting taco soup last night and also brewed some tea. It's best I learn to cook, if I ever plan on living on my own. Played several games of scrabble....nothing unusual.
Again today I watched t.v. most of the day. Lifetime has some really fantastic movies on during the weekend. Watched a little bit of the football game, but not much. Watched a little bit of the gymnastics/skating performance that was on. Thought it was actually kinda boring, which is very unusual for me to think gymnastics is boring. I did do several loads of laundry. Usually when I do laundry I have 5 or 6 loads to wash, but only had 3 today. Very nice........ I did actually shower today......that's always a plus ;-)

Tonight I got in the Hot Tub....which was AMAZING. It is always nice to get in the hot tub, but tonight for the first time ever it started SNOWING while I was in. It actually felt really good.

I don't have too much planned for this week. No classes tomorrow - Martin Luther King Jr. Day.. yahhh!! So work and bowling tomorrow!! Going to the University of Evansville basketball game with the co-workers on Tuesday. Other than that, just school and work.

I hope ya'll were able to enjoy/relax this weekend just as I did. If not, I hope your not too jealous ;-)

Has anyone seen the Bud Light commercial with the trampoline? Just now watched it. Must say that it is kinda funny --made me chuckle!


Love always,

P.S. ------NOT HAVING A BATHROOM IS HORRIBLE!!! Can't wait for the remodeling to be finished!

Monday, January 12, 2009

2 Days in Row.... I must like it!

Hey Ya'll.....I'm so proud of myself, 2 Days in a row. Please don't get use to this, because we all know I won't always be this good ;-)

Today was just an ok day, but had a ton of fun tonight.

The life that involves around school and work started again today. Today was the first day of Spring Semester.... booo!!! It should be a pretty challenging and time consuming semester.
But good news.....we decided that we will be traveling to South Padre Island, TX for Spring Break!! AGHHH!!! So exciting. I have never gone anywhere on Spring break, and though my last Spring Break.....I don't care where I'm going, but I'm going.... South Padre it is!!

Work was good today. I was busy while I was there, but it was good. Nothing exciting happened, but more importantly nothing negative or bad happened.

Tonight was LEAGUE BOWLING!! It was great to be back to something that I really enjoy doing. It is always a lot of fun, relaxing, and stress free----And always some good laughs in there!! Tonight I imbarrased myself big time though. I don't know what was going though my mind, but I was in movement of actually bowling when I thought for some reason I was on the wrong lane. So....... In the middle of my bowl, I tried stopping my bowl. Needless to say, that didn't work too well. Instead it flew about 15 feet in the air and landing straight in the gutter... yeah! Not to mention, there was a loud yelp in there to. 10 Minutes later.... one of the guys who always bowls on Monday nights... in the men's league, which is on the other end of the bowling center......asked me what my Beautiful new CUBS bowling ball was doing 10 feet in the air. He always said something about the yelp.... yeah, so I didn't bowl my best scores tonight, I did win for loudest yelp and most embarrasing moment.

I tried spicing up my Blog with a new background today. thank you Sarah for the insight of how to do it. I didn't have much time to mess with it, but I still didn't get it right. I'm sure it will just take a little time.

Gotta get going....just thought I would write a little!
I have reality TV to watch.... and the 3rd book of the Twilight series to read. Yes, I am reading the series. I didn't want to at first, but then I HEARD and SAW everyone talking/reading it. I gave in.

I hope ya'll had a wonderful day!!!
I would love to hear from all of you reading.....Sorry I'm such a bore!

Love Always and Forever,
Casie ;-)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New to Blogging/Casie Update

Ok, So I am completely new to this, and probably won't be any good at it. I have started blogging for the same reasons as everyone else. I love to read other people's blogs to keep up on how everyone is doing and what they are up to, so thought I would give people the chance to do the same with me.

Just a quick update for poeple that I have lost connections with.

I'm currently in Evansville. Still living with my aunt and uncle... which I love. I have thought so many times that it is time to move-out, get my own apartment, and so on..... but really, who am I kidding. I get along great with both my aunt and uncle and really enjoy staying here. If I had my own place, I do believe I would get extremely bored.......and not to mention a little frightened at times..........AND who would I have to play scrabble with.....Absolutely no one, so I must stay a little longer.

Yes, I am still in school!! ughhh!! For awhile I was kinda bummed on how long it is taking me to finish school, but have finally knocked some sense into me. This past semester was the first semester that I have only had one job... for all of you that I keep in touch with, you can back me up on that one. No wonder it is taking me so long to finish!! Beacuse of this, I have never taken a full course load and it doesn't help that I transfered after my freshman year at Ball State and took a semester off... oh, and changed majors. But don't worry....... I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!! This is technically suppose to be my last semester, but a class that is a requirement for my major is not offered until fall semester.... thank you, advisor. Oh well, whats one more semester, huh?

As for the job........ I do still work for the baseball team. I am now the Assistant General Manager for the Evansville Otters' Professional baseball team. I love the with any job, it can be extremely stressful at times.....but overall.... I am content and will continue here until atleast after I graduate.

I do still have gymnastics in my blood........ for those of you who grew up around me know that I will probably never lose my passion for gymnastics ------- Kinda strange who things happen, but I started working at Mega Gymnastics back in September of 2006. I'm on a fill-in now, but enjoy every minute that I can participate in the sport I grew up loving.

My immediate family is still in Odon.... My parents are doing wonderful, as are my sisters.
I don't get home to see them very often, but do enjoy the time I do get to spend with them. the summer is very difficult to get home, as 95% of my time is spend at the ballpark.... which isn't always a bad thing ;-)

I think I'm going to stop for now. Who knows when the next time I will write ---maybe I will be great at updating this thing, but I doubt it. Not with my schedule.............

Love always,

p.s.... I finally get back to bowling tomorrow night. I bowl in a league on Monday nights. It has been on hold since before the Holidays.... Wish me luck ;-)